Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She's Singapore's finest

I am around my parents a lot these past weeks because of father's medical condition. My sister has taken on the task of ferrying them to the hospital and be with them for the tests, then waiting and finally getting to see the doctor. I have taken it upon myself to meet them at the hospital to give the sister some respite from mother's incessant meaningless yammering.

Mother has recently taken to repeating ad nauseum the analogy of how a flower has to naturally bloom to be beautiful; if one tries to pry the flower open, the petals will just drop off. She thought the sister and I were like these naturally blooming flowers (because we are on hand to do the necessary?)

I bit my tongue to stop myself from shouting in her face: "Are you mad? You have alienated everybody. There is no one left to see you through these bad times. We are your daughters. What else can we do? Do we actually have a choice?"

I looked at the sister. I saw vexation written all over her face. After a beat, resignation set in. She turned to mother and calmly asked, "Ah then?"

I looked at the sister with renewed respect. So pragmatic. So to the point. So Singapore born and bred, schooled and trained.

I thought to myself: This woman, surely, has to be one of Singapore's finest!


imp said...

she needs to be stoic to see her through this. i'm glad she's strong!

sinlady said...

imp - she's sterling !

Anonymous said...

must thank your lucky stars to have such a good sister!

being singapore born and bred myself and having schooled with Confucianism, i used to feel guilty about harbouring bad thoughts of people from older generations who are just downright nonsensical and ridiculous beyond reason and even tried to treat them cordially despite the fact that they didnt deserve it.

now i just cant be bothered and decide to opt for the 'i want to stay sane' route than worry about what other people think.


sinlady said...

edpj - sigh. yes, it comes down to caring for own's sanity than catering to other people's nonsense.