Friday, June 24, 2011

Coffee with the Imp

Many years ago, we would see each other at the few smokey pokey pubs and clubs. So smokey that even the smokers had to step out for a breath of air; so pokey (no pun intended) that sharp elbow jabs stab into your rib cage all night long.We would exchange a smile and a wave, occasionally we managed a quick catchup over the din.

It was just that kind of a place so we had just that kind of a acquaintance.

At some point, I quit the scene. And I sort of followed her comings and goings through the grapevine.

Then I came to know about her blog, and quietly followed it for a while. Where I had once thought her intelligent, I now come to appreciate the breadth and depth of that intelligence, and her critical open mindedness about things she is not certain about.

At some point, we decided to meet up again because, well, it seemed like a good idea. We finally did.

I am happy she made the time to meet me. I see in her everything I already expected. And more, much more.

I see a beautiful, confident, caring and insightful young woman. Someone I am happy to have met and kept in touch with. I wish for her a life filled with meaningful endeavours. I know she will have that.

Even if I had first met her in some smokey pokey pub :)


imp said...

Heh. Smoky pokey indeed!! xxxooo.

JoMel said...

Isn't that amazing? For many of us bloggers, we met the real person after knowing each other through our blogs. While you two have known each other way before your blogs were born, and have since known each other so much better through each other's words. May your friendships live very long! :)

sinlady said...

imp - they were too! heh. xoxo

jomel - thanks :) this friendship is amazing.

Anonymous said...

*like* :)

sinlady said...

tuti - *like* your *like* :)

Lady J said...

It's so sweet to see how your friendship has blossomed through the years... Smokey pokey pub.. I wonder which one.. hehe..

sinlady said...

ladyj - doesn't matter which one. they are all the same heheh

DancingBunny said...

I also *like*
I guess through blogs, there is more insight on how a person really is. Without the deliberate attempt to create a false front

sinlady said...

bunny - yes, there is all of that :)