Monday, May 10, 2010

Yesterday once more

I first knew of the 80th anniversary dinner of my alma mater on a friend's Facebook.

I dismissed any thought of going because this close to the date, I thought it too bothersome to organise getting a table.

Then the girlfriend called from abroad. She has gotten wind of the special event, and she knows there are two vacancies left at the table of our schoolmates.

She would like to go to the dinner for two reasons:
(a) She was going to be in town for work, and
(b) It would be a great time to see our teachers again.

She is hesitant about going for one reason: there will be those at the table that she really doesn't care to see, or worse, to talk to, even after all these years.

When she named the women at the table, I found to my dread and horror that they are the same people I don't want to play nice with either.

But that is not a good reason to pass up a chance to catch up with so many other people in one place.

So, screw the long ago mostly forgotten silly reasons why there are people I don't want to see. I know it's their fault *haha*

It's going to be a great evening for the girlfriend and me.

Just like before, it's yesterday once more...


wildgoose said...

You'll talk to the people you want to see and ignore the rest as best as you can. haha... enjoy. it'll turn out fine. :)

sinlady said...

wildgoose - thanks. it will be fine:)

tuti said...

ah, i had to google which one.
not from mine. town convent. :)

hope you'll have fun. there will be pleasant surprises i am sure!

sinlady said...

tuti - sistah !! :):):)

apologies i did not link my school in post. didn't think anyone would've bothered.

tuti said...

yeehaaa! *high 5 sistah!*

those were the days indeed!

sinlady said...

tuti - yes :) Are you in touch with the town convent alumni? seems like all-girl schools have very weak alumni association.

tuti said...

not in touch. even the 'prominent' gals like the head/vice-head prefect, councillors, noblesse oblige, are not featured in the committee.
we are a lost race, sistah. especially my clan.

sinlady said...

tuti - oh, that's too bad. since your school was a stronger school than mine when i was in kc.