Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paris and an erotic love song

I settled in for the night and was watching Bohemian Rhapsody.

Surprisingly, it is more than just another documentary on history, culture or travel. It is a well researched and coherently edited life story of Paris narrated by a very telegenic Sandrine Voillet in an engaging and intelligent fashion.

And, when I least expected it, I heard the long forgotten yet immediately familiar opening bars of the most beautiful duet ever composed by a man for his muse:

By then, I actually rate the prgramme as intellectual even:)


tuti said...

love the song.
brings back memories. of i don't know what, lol. but nostalgic still.

sinlady said...

tuti - more like don't know who..haha

if you are interested, there is an earlier version with Brigitte Bardot which was not released till much later. i think it is a better version by far. link below (requires sign-in):

tuti said...

*smoke comin' outta my ears*
hot hot hot your link!
thanks. *smiles sheepishly*

and damnit. i am still a virgin.
er.. out of topic. hahahhaah

sinlady said...

tuti - heheh.

wildgoose said...

nice song. ;) but intellectual, hmmm... lol.

sinlady said...

wildgoose - intellectual lite then hheheh.