Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The "duh?" phone call

What did she call me for?

She is a work colleague from another lifetime ago. And like most friendships forged in workplaces, there is a hiatus in contact when we made our exodus and got caught up in our new and usually broadened horizons.

Over the last decade, I've seen her a handful of times. Always when one of the former colleagues blew into town. It seemed to be the only times we'd have a reason to get together.

So when she called out of the blue, I was completely taken aback, and steeled myself for some really bad news (sorry, I am such a pessimist).

She: How are you?
Me: Very well. And how are you?
She: Okay. What are you doing now?
Me: Now? As in this very minute?
She: Yes.
Me (duh?): Talking to you.
She: Are you still bellydancing?
Me: Yes.
She: Oh. You enjoy it?
Me (duh?): Yes.

The stop-go conversation went on for a very painfully long ten minutes. At the end of which I said I'd sms her places and teachers to go to if she's thinking of belly dance. I'd even go with her to get her started if it would help.

I sent the belly dance information last night. It was tedious tapping out the message on the phone keypad, but she is completely computer and net illiterate.

This morning I got her sms reply, "OK. Thanks."


What did she really call me for?


tuti said...

she couldn't bring herself to say it. probably testing the ground if you're still all ears. haha.

sinlady said...

tuti - probably...just so strange, you know?