Sunday, April 03, 2011

Still doing the CB thing.

I have not forgotten or forgiven her insensitivity and senselessness.

She sent me a text message, saying she hasn't heard from me in ages, asking for my home phone. Something about it costing peanuts on a line phone vs calling me on my mobile.

It took me only a second to text her back, telling her I'd just come back from Bali, and will be gone again for a month in late April, then again in September, with small trips in between.

forget it, you CB. I no want to talk to you. I no want to hear from you in any way.

But I will hear from her again. She will never get the hint. She will blithely carry on doing her CB thing.


JoMel said...

oh dear... what I do is, I don't reply the sms. :)

Anonymous said...

I came to your blog through Faerie Imp.

Your friend sure sounds like a friend of mine whom I've now classified as a 'Toxic Friend'. I try not to minimise contact with her as there's really no point in keeping the friendship when it's all fizzled out.

I'm not sure if things will be better between you and your friend, hopefully it will but if it doesn't then do what you must to keep yourself happy.

tuti said...

toxic friends, toxic 'pretend-customers', i give incoherent replies. quite bad of me. but then they deserve it.
i am so 'practised' at it, it becomes an art. :P

sinlady said...

jomel - there is some degree of sadistic pleasure in replying to tell her no. my bad :)

joanne - lovely to see you here:)
i am aware this one is toxic too, and certainly not a friend. it's just that she hangs on to me all these years, and i've always let her.

anyway, my goodwill has run out and no, i don't want things to mend between us.

tuti - hey sistah! we are so well trained by chij haha

Anonymous said...

maybe next time dont even reply back? pretend that u changed hp number or something. LOL. - EDPJ

sinlady said...

edpj - it will come to that too!