Friday, April 15, 2011

All Day Dimsum

A dimsum/jiao zi store at a hawker centre is a welcome if unusual find at the hawker centre. The new kid on the block is You Peng Fresh Mian Jiao Zi Guan.

The store stands out from the usual suspects in the hawker centre: a row of orange lights hang like a fringe at the store front. Six men in uniform - smart white top over black pants - work with quiet efficiency taking orders, making the dumplings, cooking and serving up the food.

The menu is limited to jiaozi, wo tieh, xiaolongbao and la mian.

On a quiet night, when all I want is a small order of dumplings to go with a bowl of hawker-style noodles, this store will do very nicely...

You Peng Fresh Mian Jiao Zi Guan is located at
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road,

Beauty World Centre #04-23
Tel: 64635608, 92391598

Business hrs: Everyday 10:30am to 9.00pm


tuti said...

looks good.
those men everyday fingers that position, if i, sure carpal tunnel also.
(i think i have major problem with sentence structure now. must be translation from japanese to english and vice versa hahaha)

sinlady said...

tuti - i understood what you said, and i think the same for myself :)

wildgoose said...

I have not been in the area so long. This looks like a nice place to check out.

sinlady said...

wildgoose - erh - only worth going if you want a little bit of dimsum at night.

Anonymous said...

You found this place too. Yes, they are good. I order from them if I am around there and not in the mood for Peranakan food. The one on the top floor is good and still not that pricey. aaa

sinlady said...

aaa - yes. that they are :)