Thursday, March 31, 2011


was the month
of checking out many new and almost-new restaurants helmed by michelin-starred and celebrity chefs. I have to decline any more such invites; these places are overrated in every way, the most insulting being that the title of "chef" is meaningless.

Most were forgettable, others were downright regrettable (more on the bad stuff at another time).

Still, I miss my food posts and the (mediocre) pictures that go with them. For now, I want to share this photostream from flickr. I am really impressed with the guy's collages of foods and drinks, especially his collection of teh-tarik and acrobatics tea shots:)

I am glad the partying season finally came to a close. I want to/need to get on with my own wants and needs in my own way, in my own time for the remaining months...


wildgoose said...

Your party season just ended?!!

The photos are good. Now I crave for a good cup of coffee.

tuti said...

april party ended?
it's just a few more months to christmas, haha. :P

sinlady said...

wildgoose - isn't the latte art awesome? how come we get only vague and fuzzy designs around here? haha

tuti + wildgoose - yes, party season finally slowed down at least. about time too. was driving me crazy and mostly they weren't even people i like!

imp said...

you've no idea how happy it made me to look at these shots of coffee!

Anonymous said...

how about another shot at papa palheta? - EDPJ

sinlady said...

imp - :)

edpj - yes! but i will have to wait till i am back from the US in late may!