Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Pig-out at Eng Seng Restaurant

I have said
- I will not stand in a queue for food,

- I will not eat dinner while the sun is still high in the sky,

- I will not eat at places where they serve up attitude with the food.

Then our wonderful foodie friends say we
have to do crab dinner at Eng Seng for the best Black Pepper Crab. To organise this pig-out session, they had to
- go at 4.30 pm to pick and pay for the crabs,

- go at 5.30 pm to "chope" a big table for our party of 10.

It was still hot and sunny at 5:30pm. Every table in the house was taken. Ceiling fans with grease coated blades spun lazily, circulating hot air and cooking oil vapour.

There was a line outside, and walk-in's were being turned away because every crab was already spoken for!

Our dinner order hit the table and empty plates removed in rapid succession. Every dish was surprisingly very tasty.

Then came the
piece de resistance - Black Pepper Crab. This isn't crab fried up with cracked black peppercorns. The crab is fried in a fragrant sweetish pepper sauce that clings to every part of the crab, making it literally finger-linking good!

Everyone of us pronounced this the best Black Pepper Crab we have ever had.

Would I come back? Yes I would (forget what I said at the top of this post.) And very soon too.

Eng Seng Restaurant is located at

247/249 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427935
Tel: 6440 5560
Hrs: 4:30pm till when the last crab is eaten at about 9:00pm.
Closed on Wednesdays


tuti said...

oooo. seriously delicious.
i can't handle crabs though. the shells. they drive me crazy.

sinlady said...

tuti - haha. i am the same way about eating crabs. no elegant way to do this.

wildgoose said...

I remember eating there eons ago but I couldn't remember what it was good for. Now I know. haha...
I'm not such a big fan of crabs that I will Q so long for it though.

sinlady said...

wildgoose - crab dinner is a mess, but the black pepper crab here is actually worth the hassle, although i can only do this once in a long while, and if someone else does the necessary advance leg work.

wildgoose said...

The latter is the most impt: someone else do the legwork. =p

sinlady said...

wildgoose - we are such wimps, you and i haha.

Lady J said...

Oh I've heard so much about this place but haven't really gotten chance to try it out. I guess I'm still abit lazy to queue for the food. ;P

sinlady said...

ladyj - it's not even about being lazy. it's just such an expedition!