Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A night@Shiraz with Angelina

They are new bellydance students looking for a chance to try out their newly acquired bellydance skills.

Because I really like these girls. Because I want them to stay interested and enthusiastic with the dance. Because I believe to grow in the love and learning of dance, it has to be experienced outside the confines of the dance studio.

I wanted to make it a girls' night of dinner and bellydance. I need food, drinks and a professional bellydancer.

The perfect restaurant is Shiraz - the women loved their dinner, desserts and drinks.

The perfect bellydance professional to show and lead them is Angelina Tay.
Thank you again, Angelina, for taking care of the girls and giving them so much of your time. Bringing hip scarves for all of them to get them into the mood was a particularly thoughtful gesture.

Everything went very well. The girls came away inspired and in awe of bellydance and the bellydancer :)

I know we will be back again very soon. And the group will be even bigger.


wildgoose said...

You have some good photos. :)
Angelina did take care of the group well. So nice to know the girls were more inspired after.

imp said...

it looks like so much fun!

tuti said...

it's hottttt in here!!

sinlady said...

wildgoose - photos surprisingly good:) was a really lovely night all around. you helped :)

imp - it was:) the resident dancer was a big part of the fun part.

tuti - haha

Edie said...

sounds like a fun evening.... and like a good skill to acquire!
best wishes,

tuti said...

you made me laugh by myself in the shop, bad gal you. :P

sinlady said...

edie - bellydance is a wonderful skill to acquire. does the ego good when the audience goes, wow! how does she do that? :)

i had a peek in your very lovely blog. will take my time to go back into your archives:)

one of my best girlfriends is the leading instructor/performer in Singapore for pole fitness/dance.

sinlady said...

tuti - hahahaha...