Tuesday, March 01, 2011


was the month
visitors of every stripe blew into town - almost-friends, real dear friends, sort-of families.

The most interesting are the relatives from Shantou. Until now, they are only people I have heard about. I am glad to finally meet them for a family dinner, pose for the obligatory family group picture, and sort of sad to know that in all probability, I will not see them again. I just cannot think of circumstances that will lead us to look up each other after this.

There is unrest again between the brother and parents. It distresses me to hear from the sister how much hatred there is between them. I am resigned to the fact that, like all previous rows, the brother will still do nothing to make things right for himself and his family. It reaffirms in my mind that the only thing to do is leave these people to fight each other their entire lives.

It is time I start to look to travel :)


wildgoose said...

That's so amazing. I don't even know where my home village is. =P

I'm looking to travel too. But seems like a little too late to plan for Good Friday weekend. Air tix prices climbing up by the day!

sinlady said...

wildgoose - my family is unusual in that up to my generation, everyone is teochew, and the family outside shantou is actually very small, so we are still strongly tied to the village folk. that's so weird...

where were you looking to go?? can suggest lijiang :)