Wednesday, December 01, 2010


was the month
- I reached my limit of tolerance with inconsiderate and abusive people I've known for a very long time.

- I was still hoping there could be some saving grace. I waited for an apology of sorts from them. None came.

- And so, with some reluctance but no regrets, I closed my heart and mind to them.

- I have moved away. I moved on.


tuti said...

closing heart and mind is good. some people are plain destructive. i can't believe i wasted many good years on them too. now, no sirree, i get on with my life.

sinlady said...

tuti - yes. i don't so much feel like i wasted time as i am tired of their seow-ness

Anonymous said...

Yes. Don't need them to do anything to make you happy. :)

B&B said...

Wow, you've shared something that's been a major event for me these past 2 years. I too have moved on from quite a few relationships, some superficial ones but also a couple of very "dear" relationships (including a friend whom I've known for 12 yrs), and also my father! Decided I'd had enough of their "nonsense". Decided I didn't want to entertain their negative issues and volatilities anymore. Decided to keep only healthy relationships that make me feel happy, at ease, nourished. Walk away from those that have been stressful or uncomfortable. Life's too short. I don't think I've wasted time on them though. I'm sure they were in my life for good reasons... but I've clearly outgrown them. Amen.

sinlady said...

anon - just don't need them, period.

B - relationship with negative people just saps your energy. getting rid of these people is the only way to restore equilibrium for yourself. happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

Jangan simpan barang yang tidak baik atau tidak bagus. Buang saja didalam tong sampah. Save the space.
Regards & take care - NM

sinlady said...

NM - ya. kosong lebih biak daripadah penuh sampah. you take care too !!