Friday, December 10, 2010

These Cheena types

There was only a Cheena man in the "priority" line and five bank customers in the general line.

I got behind Cheena. After 15 minutes in the queue, it looked like he was nowhere near finished with his multi transactions and many questions. The teller tending to his long task list was starting to look and sound frazzled.

Then Cheena got on his mobile to speak to (I presume) Mrs Cheena. Then the teller had to explain everything again to voice on the phone.

Cheena turned to me to tell me, in Cheena-ese, that he would be a long while yet, and I should cut into the other line, which now had 10 people in it.

Oh, the nerve of the Cheena!

I said we don't do that in this country; he said he was well-intentioned to let me know he would take a long time; I said if he had any consideration he'd let me get in front of him for my easy 2 minute transaction; he turned away from me to carry on with his 100 Q&A with the teller.

I got behind the 10 people, waited my turn, and when I was done, he still wasn't near finished.

As I walked away from the line, I couldn't stop myself from telling him that I really resented his Cheena types who think nothing of bringing their uncivil practices along with them everywhere.

And we keep importing them by the planeload. Sigh.

(I am aware the bank should have stepped in to mollify the situation, but I was not in the mood to tackle the SOP of the bank.)


tuti said...

i would have fumed.
bank officer(s) also have no sense. bring another teller mah. priority line for what!

sinlady said...

tuti - i did fume actually :)
yah, the bank's standard operating procedure sucks too but i just wanted to get done and be out of there.

zewt said...

sounds like SCB...

cheenas are loaded with cash, every country will welcome them by the planeloads.

and they are driving the property prices mad!

sinlady said...

zewt - not SCB but nevermind.

i don't like the cheenas, period.

wildgoose said...

The angmohs also bad leh. They were pushing, shoving and cutting Qs too at ZoukOut. Uncivilised behavior is everywhere.

sinlady said...

wildgoose - uncivilised people are everywhere, but you are talking about Zoukout! what to expect?!!haha

wildgoose said...

I was civilised ok! Except for digging my elbow into the ribs of the drunk who kept pressing up behind me in the drinks Q. But that was completely necessary. :p

sinlady said...

wildgoose - haha

dancingbunny said...

These idiots came from a history of 5000years with all of the dynasties eventually crumpled due to corruptions, uprising, bad blood of jealousy and all those getting-another-person-into-trouble so that they can enjoy a good show kind of "culture"

What can you expect?

sinlady said...

bunny - i just don't like them. sigh.

dancingbunny said...

sinlady, very few are likable.
lol. The problem is not with us.