Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas cheer

This has been a really beautiful holiday season for me.

So many things went right for so many special people. I was there when it happened - the initial look of disbelief, the gasp of delight dispelling the disbelief, the beginning of tearing in the eyes, then the happiness and wonderment carried in the laughter and crying, the little gift in hand.

I want many more people to have this experience - the joy in the giving and the receiving of a small something that means so much.

It is what this season is all about.

Have a good one, everyone of you.


tuti said...

your heartfelt wishes comes from an equally big heart. may you continue to be blessed richly, my dear one.

wildgoose said...

It was beautiful because of your generosity. May you be blessed always. :)

sinlady said...

tuti + wildgoose - thank you. i just feel like many things have been good for many people this year :)

imp said...

you baked all these?!!! woah. must have taken you more than half a day's prep. how very nice!

sinlady said...

imp - thanks. but it's way nicer. it's a children's project so there were many little busy helping hands:)