Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catching up with the friends

This has been one of the most fun weekends catching up with friends:

Over coffee,
when the girlfriends updated each other about work, travels, bringing up baby and husband. You know, just girl talk, where we actually really understand and empathize with each others' stories. Of course I have my Bali and Paul Ropp stories to tell.

Over dinner,
when the man and I listened with delight about the friends' holiday in Kunming, Yunnan. We were totally enraptured with their stories of the charming lifestyle of the plateau community of LiJiang.

when our delight turned to disbelief that they were so moved as to want to operate an inn/resort there. By evening's end, I have visions of our friends being another China Cuckoo in the making. We will make sure he reads Mark Kitto's book before he does any thing else...

Over sms, elsewhere,
the special friends have arrived in San Francisco, the first leg of their California-Nevada- Oregon holiday. They are having a great time with shopping and dining, using the list of must-do's and must-see's that we compliled.

It has been a fun weekend knowing that just about everybody is doing great :)


wildgoose said...

It was good to see everyone. Lijiang is renowned to be beautiful. Your frens are understandably taken by the place.

sinlady said...

wildgoose - yes it was:) we should get together like that more often.

lijiang is beautiful, but it's still not reason to commit to anything there.