Wednesday, June 30, 2010


was the month
- I had another birthday. I have unequivocally reached the landmark "senior" status.

- In keeping with what I've done for many years now, I made this a birthday month. I made a conscientious effort to live everyday for myself (as much as I can).

- I finally decided to give some real thought to the awful woman's question, "What do you want at this moment in your life?"

The answer is - nothing. I want for nothing.

Leaving aside the good health and the adequate IQ I enjoy but cannot take credit for, the one thing I consciously worked towards is to not be poor. I did not need to be rich, only not poor, so that I may have choices in my life. I reached the goal; I knew it when I reached the target.

So, honestly, I want for nothing.

The silly woman doesn't read my blog (she doesn't know how to access it) so I guess I will write her one day to tell her. On the other hand, maybe not, since it's not anything she can possibly understand as she carries on talking at me.

- This has been a very special month.

p.s. Tomorrow I will be in Brisbane for five days. Just because.


wildgoose said...

To want for nothing is a great place to be at. :)

tuti said...

totally cool place to be. ie. not in want.
i want to be free of stress one day.
and healthy most of all.
i am teetering on both at the moment.
high high cliff where i stand at the edge. eeek.

enjoy your aussie trip. :)

imp said...

you lucky woman! come back and tell me all about the fun parts!

zewt said...

happy belated birthday and have fun in oz...

sinlady said...

wildgoose - it is. and i am glad i realise it, you know.

tuti - one day you'll get there:)

imp - i will, soon as i sort myself out :)

zewt - thanks, and i did.

tuti said...

thanks dear.
i believe, maybe, one day.
hopefully i can still carry myself healthily to enjoy those days. ;)

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

to want nothing sounds like you are at the best place already :)

sinlady said...

tuti - you will :)

edpj - yes :)