Monday, June 14, 2010

I feel good

I feel good. I have sorted out the clothes to bring to Bali. And the flight isn't till seven in the evening tomorrow! I feel so organised; it is a delicious feeling.

The past 10 days had been somewhat stressful. One weekend ago, there was the family dinner to tough out. Then I ended up having to show up for work a few afternoons last week, including Saturday! But things began to fall in place at the end of the week, starting with a nice quiet evening with a couple of friends over for a dinner of steaks with all the trimmings.

I even had time to reply to all my mail. Well, almost all.

I re-read the annoying birthday email from her; I cringed at the opening sentence where she shouted , "H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ( M Y N A M E ) then blah blah blah, ending with, "So, my dear (my name), what do you want at this moment in your life?"

I want to not reply to her. I want to delete and forget the email altogether; hey, I can do that. It is my birthday.
So I did just that. So there.

Back to my clothes for Bali: I am bringing exactly 2 pairs of Paul Ropp shorts, 2 Paul Ropp bras, 2 crop tops,2 Indian scarves to use as pareos. They take up half an inch of space at the bottom of my suitcase, which I hope to fill with more Paul Ropp clothes.

I feel good. Life is good.


Johnny Malkavian said...

That is good! I went for Biggest Loser audition and they told me I was too thin for the show! Hahaha

sinlady said...

jm - hey you! you sound svelte and happy! haha

tuti said...

half an inch space for all that clothes. hehe. it's great that they're so thin and comfy. perfect for this weather.
i have this obsession with cloth that sits on my skin that i can feel them crying for air if i wear anything that can't breathe.

have a good time loading up that suitcase!

and about that email from 'her'. sheesh. she sounded rude. i run a mile from such people. they sap good energy force.

sinlady said...

tuti - thanks. will go through the warehouse with fine tooth comb! haha
forgotten about "her".

imp said...

have a good holiday!

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

enjoy bali!

tuti said...

how's it going? *grin*
have a good one ya!

sinlady said...

imp+edpj+tuti - thanks ladies. bali was a good break:)