Saturday, July 30, 2011

The morning after

and I am still reeling from the upset win from last night's bellydance competition. (Click here for details.)

We just knew who the winners were. Too bad the judges didn't. And their decision sticks. Even when it sucks.

I retract my statement about Asia Global Bellydance being a respected competition. I think the quality of the judges is only marginally better than the lot on a recent local TV dance competition.


Anonymous said...

in many contests, there are hidden reasons why some contestants are chosen over others.
the only good is, the really good ones will be noticed, and they will be given future engagements/contracts.

Anonymous said...

it never was a respectable competition. right down to it's shitty name. "asia global"? the fuck is that.

Anonymous said...

oops i meant *its

wildgoose said...

They should just scrap the fusion category. It has no business in the competition to begin with.

sinlady said...

tuti - you are absolutely right. it's just still a sore point with me right now, but i'll get over it. *hugs*

anon - that is also true :( and "asia global" does not make sense.

wildgoose - that will be good, but fusion is here to stay. at least in the sg scene. i just wish they'd let fusion stand alone and apart, instead of making all participants do traditional AND fusion.