Thursday, July 21, 2011

To Bali and back

We made the 48-hour turnaround visit to Bali for yet another Paul Ropp Warehouse Sale. We were last there in March! Four months is definitely too short a time between his sales.

There wasn't anything for me to pick up this time. I had bought up everything worth buying the last time. I came away with exactly one pair of shorts. Alright, they aren't just shorts shorts; they are signature Paul Ropp shorts.

The man did better - he managed to find 4 shirts after really rummaging through every rack.

It was still a nice short getaway, made stress-free because we refused to hunt down new places to eat at. We settled for the true and tried Kafe Batan Waru, a short walking distance from our hotel. And for the caffeine fiend in me, this place does a decent latte.

For the uninitiated, this is the only time of the year - the antipodean winter months of June-July-August - when the weather is most pleasant.The days are breezily cool, and the nights are sometimes chilly.

There is still magic in the air in Bali :)


Anonymous said...

whoa again! u guys r really living the life LOL ~ EDPJ

wildgoose said...

Maybe once a year is good. :)

Anonymous said...

They put up a sale as and when they feel like it! Sometimes it's twice a year, other times it's 3 times - PaulRopp fan-Hawaii

sinlady said...

edpj - yes! lol

wildgoose - probably. we just have to learn to resist when they email us about their sale.

prfan - yes. in haphazard fashion.

imp said...

still good i think!

sinlady said...

imp - yes it was :)