Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mahjong and Satay

They tell me when I left town, I left two "foreign" experiences to remember me by.

The first is mahjong, which they continue to play one afternoon a week. They tell me the weekly game cemented their friendship over the years.

The other is satay which I made for them before there were Singapore/Malaysian/Indonesian restaurants in California; before pre-mixes for satay marinade and peanut sauce were available in Asian grocery stores. They tell me they have not tasted satay that come close to what I make.

Now that I was in town, could I do satay dinner one night? And this time, one of them was tasked to learn the recipe.

Mahjong, with satay on the side. That's my contribution to this group of friends in this town.

I am proud of that :)


imp said...

These are truly Singaporean traits. :) I spy that onions and sticky rice included too!

sinlady said...

imp - now that you mention it, yes:)
and how to have satay dinner without at least the ketupat (raw onion optional) heh

tuti said...

i love satay!
so clever you know how to make the marinade even.
a totally worthwhile trip filled with lovely memories (again).

sinlady said...

tuti - thanks, but the marinade neither difficult nor complicated :) trip was lovely. more posts to come...

Lady J said...

Wow.... nice that you 'imparted' 2 of our Singaporean traits to the foreign community. Nice ;)

sinlady said...

ladyj - it is nice. have to admit i didn't think i was "imparting" anything, just a group of us trying find things to do to stay sane in a new foreign place that we were not happy about :)