Monday, May 23, 2011

Goodbye #2003

The storage unit measured 10x15 ft. Crates and boxes stayed stacked from floor to ceiling in #2003 for 10 years. I tried to clear and close down the facility a year ago, but there was just too many details that could not be worked out.

It would have been the same again this time, if not for the immeasurable amount of help extended to me by a very special couple.

With their generous help in the form of physical labour, local knowledge and unquestioning willingness to accommodate every request I asked of them, I finally and certainly put this 10 year burden behind me.

I ended up with a shipment of 5 small cartons containing a lifetime of bittersweet memories coming with me.

Everything else have found loving new homes and owners.

One of the most difficult items I had to leave behind is this piece of serious toy, made all the more difficult because I know I will never own another again.

It is now in the hands of a really good and responsible man, the only person I wanted to be its new owner.
And so, I start making and storing memories again. In another place. With another man.


wildgoose said...

Finally! and I want to see the photos in those cartons. :p

imp said...

it is a beautiful piece.

Lady J said...

Packing is really tough work and narrowing down to 5 boxes to take with you is even harder. But the unpacking will be a whole lot easier ;)

sinlady said...

wildgoose - so you will :)

imp - isn't it?

ladyj - yes :)happy the hard part is over with.

tuti said...

and a little piece of heart in every of those cartons. glad you're intact. *hugs*

sinlady said...

tuti - *hugs*

JoMel said...

this is a lovely post. I'm all for letting go and moving on. :)

sinlady said...

jomel - thanks :)