Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am not really sure?

Singaporeans have a real problem with giving definitive answers.

Me, asking a sales rep who has no customer to sell anything to: Would you know where the nearest mail drop is?

Sales Rep, index finger and thumb rubbing shiny chin, looking thoughtful before telling me after careful consideration: I am not really sure.

Which makes me want to push the point - go ahead, young man, make a wild stab and tell me where you think it might just be, possibly. Go left, right, cross the road in front, behind?

It's just so hard for him to say he doesn't know? I had to point out to him that he does not know rather than he's not really sure, before moving on to another shop to ask another blur Singaporean.


tuti said...

that's how it is with most. that's why i don't have patience dealing with locals (most ie.). very frustrating attitude. strange way of asking things and.. expectations, let's not get there!

Suzie Wong said...

haha....why am i laughing..i am not really sure

sinlady said...

tuti - well, i just blow my stack some days :)

suziewong - oh bleah