Friday, February 04, 2011

To everything there is a season

I returned to playing mahjong after 12 long years. In the company of gracious and elegant players, the game is all about good humour and conviviality. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.

I have been asked again and again to teach the game. I almost always decline. For me, it is not a simple matter of teaching the rules of play. There are many players who can impart this information. Heck, they can even learn it online! For me, it is about one's philosophy and therefore it is about one's attitude.

I will have nothing to do with players (and learners) who view mahjong as a gambling game, whose only objective is die-die-must-win.
Good play is a lot more subtle than that. The beauty of the game is that to everything there is a season.

Try teaching that to the philistines.


JoMel said...

not that I know how to play mahjong, but I never looked at the game the way you've described. I'm enlightened! So, are you a mahjong sifu or something? To be asked to teach?? :D

sinlady said...

jomel - most players just know to play the game in a very cheong way :( i wouldn't call myself a sifu, but i am happy to say the players i trained are very mannered players.

tuti said...

i am very intrigued with the complexities of mahjong. and that is because i don't play, obviously.
heard that it's an excellent game for the brain.
my colleague does not want to teach me. says he will spew blood teaching. it is not without reason, considering how bad my maths and reasoning power is, haha.

sinlady said...

tuti - haha. it is a good social game. i like your understanding of the game already: the game has complexities even though it is not complex.

you will find the right sifu in time :)