Monday, November 01, 2010


was the month
- I had so many things on my mind that I completely forgot I had tickets for Tango Fire.

- I want to blame the screwball woman who tells me her husband has been let go from his work, and they have to move back to their home country at their own expense. I don't understand how they could have packed up and come here for the husband to take up a job with no contract. She is very upset, I am very suspicious which makes me feel crummy and sorry I ever met her, and getting another friend involved.

- I think of how, elsewhere where I once lived, the weather would have turned decidedly chilly, marking the end of the sunny months.

- I don't feel Halloween here even though there were many Halloween parties over the weekend. I remember elsewhere, when Greta the 7-foot tall witch I made, stood outside my front door. I loved "treating" the little ghosts and goblins who braved walking past Greta to ring my door bell. I detested the big evil looking ghouls who came treat or tricking.

- I feel somewhat sad that another year will soon end.


tuti said...

i hear you.
sometimes we help people and the situation turns out to be more than the obvious. worse is to get other people involved.

a waste of tickets there for tango fire. :(

wildgoose said...

You didn't trick the big ghouls? I would love to see a photo of Greta. :)

It is sad how time passes so fast.

sinlady said...

tuti - aiyoh i was really upset to suddenly realise i didn't know what type of people i was dealing with! well, things are sorted out far as i know now.

forgetting about tango fire was a scary thing.

wildgoose - the big ghouls were scary when they demanded more candy than what i want to give them. nope, not want to trick them. they could get nasty and i never knew who they were behind those hideous masks.

i will retrieve picture of greta next time i get into my storage!