Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fusion bellydance when it is good :)

Oops! The video clips have been withdrawn (August 4, 2011). I will repost if they show up again.

There were some happy and memorable moments during the Singapore Street Festival.

For fans of belly dance fusion, here are some of the really lovely performances:

1. Our very own Darren and Maia:

2. Another home team - Joey and the Jewelz:

3. The very impressive mother-and-daughters dance troupe from Vietnam

4. Bellydance-Indian fusion done right :)


imp said...

i suppose no.3 video of Vietnamese ladies could be called fusion. in fact, many seem to be fusing their cultures into the traditional notion of bellydance!

sinlady said...

imp - thanks for trying to understand fusion :)

fusion bellydance is a mess and means diff things to diff people. many of us wish it never exists.

anyway, #3 is actually quite clever. the music is a popular viet song; the troupe danced american tribal bellydance (that very snake-y style) perfected by rachel brice and now accepted as a fusion style of bellydance.