Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The mutterings of a guru

I listened to her heartbreak story with disbelief, as I watched her face crumple with dismay and her body slump with defeat.

She had asked her spiritual guru (whatever that is) about her future and her happiness with her partner. The guru told her there is a woman in her path.

She confronted the partner (compulsive-impulsive woman that she is), saying she had set a PI on him, and she knew he was seeing another woman. She hoped to hear him deny the allegation.

Instead, he (silly like most men) blurted that he was sorry, the other woman didn't mean anything, and it was only a one time fling etc etc.

I am numbed to think that the mutterings from a stranger, even if he is a spiritual guru (please tell me what that means) can have such devastating effect.

And couldn't "the other woman" just as easily have been an overly possessive mother, a petulant sister, a crazy cousin? Couldn't the know-it-all obi-wan have been more specific?

But the damage is done. It will be a long road to recovery.

I hate how the mutterings of a guru can turn into a self fulfilling prophecy.


wildgoose said...

She probably already had a sense something was wrong? Otherwise, why ask this "guru"?
What else could the man have said?

sinlady said...

wildgoose - perhaps.

because that's just the sort of things people ask gurus. and the guru's response is what gurus usually say?

i don't know, but i have a hard time with how the relationship unravelled.

zewt said...

this is what i called a self-fulfilling-prophecy... sometimes, kinda stupid.

sinlady said...

zewt - it is too stupid!

Anonymous said...

ouch! - EDPJ

sinlady said...

edpj - exactly.