Sunday, June 03, 2012

Seven months on

I am back.I am whole again.

It's been seven months since I last posted anything. Seven months of disappointments with certain persons, many setbacks at persuasion to seek resolution and reset off-track decisions. I finally accept that certain persons cannot be saved from themselves and the only thing left to do is let events run their collision course.

In these seven months, I sought consolation for my troubled mind and spirit.In these seven months, I made short trips China. And on one of these trips, I got reacquainted with a long forgotten love - semi-precious gemstones.

The Liwan district in Guangzhou is the place to pick up any quantity of any gemstone imaginable. I came back with strands (read kilos) of  happy beads, nuggets and rocks.

I make stretch-bracelets when I need quiet and focus. Many of my creations are on the wrists of friends, old and new-found, women I have just met who needed some cheering up.

To see big smiles and brightly lit eyes - I know I am finally, really and truly, back and whole again.


wildgoose said...

Happy to know you feel whole again. Hope things work out for you.

And you are so good with your hands, to make the bracelets yourself! Can't wait to see more of your creations. :)

sinlady said...

wildgoose - yes, things worked out against all odds. wow!looking forward to seeing you soon. very soon.

Dancingbunny said...

Glad to see you back!! I do missed your musings...very much!!

Enjoy life and most important of all, stay happy and healthy.

Sometimes we can only do this much. Take care and stay in touch...thru the many musings online, offline and on the many concerts that we may see each other at!!


sinlady said...

Bunny - *hugs*. I missed writing in here, but just have not been able to put my jumbled thoughts and feelings into writing form.