Monday, November 07, 2011


was the month
I took a short break, in of all places, China.

Specifically, Beijing and Harbin. More of that later.

I have also taken the time to sort out myself. Specifically, to sort out my relationship with various people.

Everyone out there is either (a) my-type-of-people and we get along famously from the first, or (b) not my-type-of-people, but having evolved into the "nice" person I want to be, I "find" reasons to accept these people.

Of the (b) category people, I now know in myself that it is a lost cause to make unacceptable people acceptable. So I leave them behind (figuratively and literally).

And that does not make me "un-nice".


Anonymous said...

nope, that doesn't make you un-nice.
it just means your sanity matters to you.
my hair-dresser a couple of months back told me, her staff(s) made her 'abnormal' (bu chern chang) (my hanyu pinyin bad) because she was always getting mad with them. now she has grown wiser and decided not to let them affect her too much.
i think my sanity is compromised now. too much of 'swallowing' everyday.

so, back to the matter.
yes, it's good to leave some people behind, for your own sanity.

Anonymous said...

one more important thing.
you look really pretty up there!

wildgoose said...

You got to wear your fur hat! :)

Yes, leaving them behind doesn't make you not nice. You are being nice to yourself for taking care of your feelings.

sinlady said...

tuti + wildgoose - thanks for positive reinforcement :) i was feeling let down but am fine now.

thanks for compliments on the ensemble. i love fall/winter fashion :)

Lady J said...

No, it doesn't make you un-nice.. It just makes you in touch with your own feelings and be in the power to decide what makes you happy.

On a separate note, I so love your fur hat!!! :)